Interbody Device

The Trident Anchored Cervical Interbody Fusion Device (ACI) is a cervical implant with an integrated anchor. The device is to be used with supplemental fixation, i.e. an anterior cervical plate. The implant is titanium with a PEEK radiolucent spacer and has an anchor component.

System Features
  • Single step implantation
  • Anchor is retractable for easy implant removal
  • Zero profile construct
  • PEEK spacer provides modulus of elasticity similar to bone
  • Provides adequate space for autogenous bone graft
  • Implant made of Titanium with PEEK radiolucent spacer
  • Tantalum radiopaque markers per ASTM F560
  • Anchor is made of Titanium
  • Implant is offered in a 5° lordotic profile

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