Palladian Pedicle Screw System

Patent Number: 10,368,923

Palladian Spine
Palladian Pedicle Screw System
System Features
  • Top-Loading & Tightening System
  • Proven Helical-Flange Closure Mechanism Minimizes Cross-Threading
  • Up to 60˚ of Conical Screw Variability to Minimize Rod Contouring
  • Double Lead Thread Effectively Reduces Insertion Time
  • The Unique Helical-Flange Technology Minimizes Seat Splay
  • Pre-Contoured Rods to Minimize the Need for Rod Bending
  • Wide Range of Sizes to Accommodate Patient Anatomy

Palladian Cross Connector

Palladian Cross Connectors
Palladian Cross Connector Spine
Palladian Cross Connectors
System Features
  • Designed to be Top Loaded and Tightened for Increased Efficiency
  • Single Driver Tool for Ease of Use
  • Single Driver Cross Link Holder Tool for Ease of Use
  • Flat or Raised Connectors to Accommodate Patient Anatomy
  • Multi-Axial Adjustability to Eliminate Contouring
  • Adjustable Length Provides for Optimal Placement
  • Low Profile Geometry Fits Below Pedicle Screw Profile
  • Can be Used to Increase the Torsional Stability of the Construct

PalladianMAX MIS

Palladian [MAX] MIS Spinal Screw System
Palladian [MAX] MIS Spine
Palladian [MAX] MIS Spinal Screw System
System Features
  • Quick & Simple Streamlined Procedure
  • Effortless Percutaneous Multi-Level Rod Placement
  • Allows for Percutaneous Compression & Distraction
  • Internal & External Reduction Options
  • Low Profile Design & Smooth Contoured Edges to Optimize Patient Comfort
  • Wide Range of Pre-Bent MIS Rods to Accommodate Patient Anatomy
  • Precise Rod Measuring Gauge

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