Interbody Device
Pronaos Expandable PLIF/TLIF Cage

This product is not cleared by the FDA for distribution in the U.S.

Pronaos Expandable PLIF/TLIF Cage
System Features
  • Titanium Alloy Implant with 3D Printed Textured Titanium Endplates Promotes Immediate Mechanical Fixation & Potentially Upregulating the Production of Osteogenic Factors that are Critical for Bone Growth & Fusion
  • Inserted at a Reduced Height to Minimize Impaction & Preserve Endplate Integrity
  • Automatic Locking Once Desired Expansion Height is Achieved Without Loss of Height Restoration Helps to Streamline Procedure
  • Large Graft Window with the Ability to Pack Bone Graft After Being Expanded, Assists with Sentinel & Columnar Fusion Through the Implant
  • There is No Loss of Length When the Implant is Fully Expanded – Length is Not Compromised
  • Controlled & Continuous In Situ Expansion Allows for Foraminal & Disc Height Restoration
  • When Expanded in the Disc Space, the Implant Optimizes Endplate-to-Endplate Fit to Assist in the Restoration of Normal Alignment
  • Bulleted Tip Simplifies Insertion in Collapsed Degenerative Discs Without Compromising the Apophyseal Ring
  • Adjustable Trials Reduces Trailing Steps & Accurately Determines Optimal Implant & Disc Height
  • Multiple Footprints With Effective Sizing Allows for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Approach & Optimal Fit for Larger Patient Anatomies
  • Streamlined Instrumentation Provides the Surgeon Minimal Tissue Disruption & Nerve Retraction While Restoring Patient Alignment

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