Cortina PLIF Cage System
System Features
  • Implant is Provided in PEEK or Porous Titanium
  • Designed to Optimize Endplate Contact to Resist Subsidence
  • Non-Lordotic & Lordotic Designs for Precise Fit
  • Radiolucent PEEK Material Enhances Visualization of Fusion Process
  • Tantalum Radiographic Markers Provide Visual Assessment of Implant Placement & Post-Operative Examination (PEEK)
  • Porous Titanium Providing Excellent Long-Term Fixation
  • Trabecular Structure for Multi-Axial New Bone In-Growth
  • Large Graft Space for Adequate Grafting Material
  • Multiple Footprints Accommodate Varying Patient Anatomy
  • Superior and Inferior Tooth Pattern Prevents Implant Migration
  • Designed to Optimize Endplate Contact to Resist Subsidence

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