Cavetto Phusion Metal

Interbody Device
Cavetto Phusion Metal Cervical Interbody Cage System
Cavetto Phusion Metal Cervical Interbody Cage System
System Features
  • Cavetto Phusion Metal: A Proprietary & Novel Porous Technology
  • Fully Open & Irregular Porous Structure Optimized for Bone Ingrowth
  • Early Bone Ingrowth Demonstrated Within 2 Weeks Using an Ovine Model
  • Shown to Facilitate Osteoconduction & Osseointegration
  • Low Elastic Modulus May Preserve Bone Stock & Reduce Implant Subsidence
  • Elastic Modulus is Within the Range of Cancellous Bone
  • Superior & Inferior Unique Surface Resists Implant Migration/Expulsion
  • Multiple Footprints to Accommodate Varying Patient Anatomy

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