All our Expanding Solutions implants are designed to be placed seamlessly into the disc space due to their low profile and bulleted design. They then can be expanded and then rapidly post packed through a proprietary inserter, optimizing surgical efficiency. The Expanding Solutions implants provides restoration of sagittal alignment with customizable degrees of lordosis. They were also designed to induce lordosis in an anatomical fashion, unique to what is currently on the market.


The NeuroStructures innovative Expandable Spacer Systems with proprietary 3D printed Neuro-LOC Surface Technology is the next generation in micro invasive technology for TLIF/PLIF and Lateral procedures. Designed to allow for true positioning of the implant, all NeuroStructures expandable devices provides a pure cephalad/caudal height expansion allowing for increased end plate coverage. All devices also provide a continuous tactile feedback for the surgeon during expansion for precise optimal fit. With streamlined – multifunction instrumentation, this family of expandable devices can help simplify the procedure while minimizing tissue disruption, nerve retraction, and restore patient alignment.

Neuro-Loc Surface Technology

Surface Technology

The NeuroStructures family of expandable devices all come with proprietary 3D printed Neuro-Loc surface technology. This provides an unique surface architecture of osteophytic titanium substrate promoting mineralization that has been shown to promote bone on-growth and bone in-growth.

Expanding Technology


All of our devices achieve expansion by utilization of a single instrument with a threaded actuator shaft for a controlled, tactile, and continuous in-situ expansion and optimal dialed in lordosis.

Expanding Graft Delivery

Graft Delivery

In situ graft delivery is performed via a single specialized instrument which, allows for surgeons to easily and quickly pack the optimal amount of graft material into and throughout the implant post implantation and expansion.

Value Proposition

All our Expandable Spacer Systems provide a robust expandable titanium cage with instrumentation that delivers control and performance to clinicians through tactile feedback and reliable graft delivery.
Their unique design minimizes both neural retraction and insertion force, accommodates a larger graft channel, and provides controlled expansion to restore disc height.
With vast arrays of implant options and expansive instrumentation, our systems deliver a streamlined, efficient procedural sequence that can address even the most difficult pathologies.
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