Innovative Spinal Implants

Cavetto Phusion Metal

NOW AVAILABLE! (4mm – 10mm)

Our lordotic Cavetto Phusion Metal cages are here! This proprietary and novel porous intermetallic technology is optimized for bone ingrowth. Along with elastic modulus within the range of human cancellous bone, the open-celled, fully interconnected and irregular structures consist of macro, micro, and nano sized pores.

Excellent Results…

NeuroStructures is dedicated to providing spine surgeons with unique and innovative technologies that improve patient outcomes. Our expertise in designing medical devices, coupled with our ability to effectively collaborate with surgeons, allow us to develop products that are less invasive and provide optimal clinical results.

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NeuroStructures is always pushing itself to find new and innovative solutions. From concept to market, we strive for quality and perfection.

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